Bye Laws


Formed under the Article XVIII of constitution. If anything in these by- laws is in contravention or in conflict with the constitution, the provision of the constitution shall have the supremacy.

The amendments suggested for by-laws are-

BYLAW NO. 1SUBSCRIPTION: life membership fees shall be Rs.1500=-00.


a) They may be affiliated to the Maharashtra ophthalmological society after being approved by the Managing Committee an G.B.

b) The societies shall frame their own constitution, which shall not be in conflict with the constitution of the MOS. In the absence of their own constitution, they shall follow the constitution and By-laws of the MOS.

c) Only one society will be affiliated from each region and one from each district of Maharashtra as district society

d) Each affiliated society will pay an annual fees of Rs. 500/- or life time affiliation fees of Rs.5000/- (Life time means 15 years).

e) MOS should remain affiliated to AIOS and can get affiliated with other super specially Ophthalmology societies of all India or global level

f) Regional and District society shall be autonomous as far as the internal management and working are concerned.


a) No members of the society from the district in which the conference is held shall be eligible for election as an office bearer.

b) Past President will not contest any election but they may be nominated or co-opted in any committee.

c) Member shall not hold or contest more than one office unless proposed by the managing committee as additional charge.


d) No one should contest any post unless he completes his tenure of the post in the coming annual G B , if he is holding any post in the MOS office

e) The contesting member should be in the Maharashtra as per constitution Article-V (1) ( d )

A] Vice President:

a) Must have been a member of good standing for a minimum period of 7 years

b) Must have held an organizational position as an office bearer for a minimum period of one term for that post and attended at least four managing committee meetings in one year

One term is defined as—-

i) Joint Secretary & Secretary –2 years—–one term
ii)Joint treasurer &treasurer – 2 years—-one term
iii)Chairman scientific committee or chief Editor journal – Tow years-one term

iv)Other posts –One year

Office bearers=Defined as—As per constitution Article No VIII (1) (a) to(i) including both

c) Should have actively participated in the Scientific/Organizational activities of the societ

B] Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer:

Normally a person on the post of joint Secretary & joint treasurer will automatically become secretary & treasurer respectively and post is not for election. But in unique condition where the joint secretary or joint treasurer is not available because of death, resignation, removal by GB, or any such reason and joint secretary or joint treasurer is not given additional charge by managing committee, then only this post can be declared for election by managing committee. And then these criteria of eligibility will be there These are—

a) Must have been a member of the society of good standing for 7 years.

b) Must have been a member of the Managing Committee for at least one term and attended at least 3 meeting of the managing committee.

c) Should have actively participated in the scientific / organizational activities of the society.

C ] Joint Secretary Joint Treasurer Zonal Members

a) Must have been a member of good standing of the society of 5 years.

b) Should have attended at least two annual conference of society

c) Should have actively participated in scientific/organizational activities of the society


a) Must have been a member of good standing of the society for at least 3 years

b) Must have attended at least two annual conferences of the society

c) Should have actively participated in scientific /organizational activities of the society


All members of the managing committee representing the various zones and all office bearers are eligible for reelection only once to the same office so that they can serve a maximum of two terms only. President, 1st Vice-President and 2nd vice-president are not eligible for re-election.



a) Hon. Secretary shall invite nominations for posts of election three months before the conference date. Proposals must be received on or before the date specified by him.


b) Hon. Secretary should keep necessary documentation ready so that elections, if necessary, can be completed expeditiously.

c) Only life members will be allowed to vote Hon. Treasurer will, therefore, keep ready an updated list of such members during election time. Election will be by secret ballot.

d) President and managing committee will constitute an election commission, consisting of 3 past presidents, with one of them as chief election officer, who will also be the returning officer. Any aggrieved candidate may represent to the election commission. The representation will be considered by the full commission and its decision shall be final and irrevocable.

e) In case of a tie, the casting vote of the chief election officer will decide the result.


f) The nomination paper of office bearers shall be accompanied by a Bio-Date on prescribed Proforma.

g) The Hon. Secretary will put all the nominations along with bio data in the forth coming managing committee meeting after the expiry of last date of receiving the proposals with his remarks. If there is no such managing committee meeting then the president should call a special managing committing meeting to review the eligibility of the candidates. The proposals will be discussed and finalized by managing committee for eligibility for contesting the post. If any proposal is rejected by the managing committee the candidate should be communicated about the reasons for rejection of his proposal. The managing committee decision will be final and irrevocable.

h) The chief election officer will hand over the result of election in a sealed packet to president and the result is declared in the GB by the secretary.

i) The litigation arising out of election activity will be heard and decided by the ARBITRATER , who is appointed by managing committee by majority ,who should not be below the rank of retired High court judge or should be the Legal cell of AIOS

j) The decision of arbitrator will be final and binding to managing committee and GB. And further appeal will not be there in any court of law.

k) Any legal opinion required in any subject to the MOS will be taken from the Legal cell of AIOS

L) There should be a managing committee meeting after the last date of withdraw of nomination and it is mandatory.

Annual Conference
A ]

a) Annual conference will be held in the month of October/November every year.

b) The certificate of free papers read and scientific activity participation certificates should be given by the Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society.

c) DELIGATE FEES: Will be decided by the Managing Committee from time to time ,in consultation with the local body. Late registration after the specified date may be charged 20% extra. Delegate fee for post graduate students who are members of the society shall be 1/3rd of the regular delegate fees. The postgraduate students shall provide a certificate from the Head of their Department stating that they are postgraduate students, currently.

d) pre/Post conference course / continuing medical education course/workshops, refresher course etc. may be arranged by the local ophthalmic society in consultation with and approval of the Hon. Secretary, MOS and Chairman, Scientific Committee.

e) No member of the MOS or affiliated society shall arrange a program overlapping with the dates of the conference of the MOS


f) Invitation and aggrement to host the annual conference

The following agreement to be executed by the Managing Committee of MOS and the organizing committee / district society, of every annual conference one year before the conference.

We agree to all the terms and conditions of the society including :

1. The name of the conference will be “—— Annual Conference of Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society– ——“.

2. The Organizing Committee (OC) will be entirely responsible for all the arrangements for the conference.

3. The Organizing Committee will be free to raise funds in the name of MOS.

4. The delegation fee will be as agreed between the society and the OC.


5. The Organizing Committee for conference will pay 10 % of delegate registration fees, trade, stall and sponsorship charges received by local organizing body will be given to MOS. The percentage of subscription can be changed by Managing Committee with approval of General Body of MOS from time to time. Remaining profit will go to the Organizing Committee. MOS is not required to pay any amount to organizing committee. No loss is expected, but if it occurs, it will be borne by organizing committee.

6. The organizing committee shall maintain complete transparency and utmost probity in financial management of the conference. It shall provide the MOS an audited accounts and balance sheet within 3 months of the end of the conference.

7. The scientific programme is the sole responsibility of the MOS. The organizing committee however will nominate one member to interact with the chairman scientific committee MOS so that there is harmony in the arrangements of the conference. Organizing committee will however, publish and circulate the conference brochure announcements etc. as a part of the conference activity. The program of the conference to be included in these conference literatures must have explicit and written approval of the President / Scientific Committee Chairman of MOS And will have names of office bearers of MOS on the broacher

8. Hospitality of all invited speakers will be borne by organizing committee.

9. Specify the names of the MOS invitees whose expenses are to be borne by MOS.

10. In case the organizing committee violates the terms of this agreement, the society may take appropriate actions, including cancellation of its permission to hold the conference and shift the venue elsewhere. All the money collected for the MOS conference would be then transferred to the MOS.

11. The organizers will make sure that the hall, audiovisual. Etc. and facilities pertaining to academic activities shall be of highest quality and approved by Managing Committee and Scientific committee. Signed by
President—Organizing Committee
Secretary –Organizing Committee

g) All amount received for trade, whether for allotment of stall or for sponsorship for trade or any money received from trade in connection with conference will be considered as trade money.

h) Commercial exhibition will be organized by the Organizing Committee on behalf of the society in consultation with managing committee and all expenses will be borne by organizing committee

B] Scientific Programme :

a) Specified number of abstract of papers and the full text of paper selected, to be read at the scientific sessions should be sent on/or before the dates specified by the chairman scientific committee.

b) To arrange, carryout and to conduct all the scientific programs will be responsibility of scientific committee and will be carried out with the co-operation of managing committee and local organizing committee.

c) All scientific programs will be proposed by scientific committee finalized with managing committee.

d) Award session will be separate session and will be chaired and conducted by the new president along with immediate post president and chairman scientific committee.

e) Free papers prizes results are declared by scientific committee

C] Protocol for inaugural function of the annual conference :

1) During the inaugural function, President (MOS) to be on the dais and asked to speak.

2) Office bearers of MOS present to be recognized during the function. They will be given reserved chairs in the first row.

3) On the dais following dignitaries will be there :

I. President MOS-will speak
II.Incoming president-MOS -will speak
III. Incoming & outgoing Hon. Secretary of MOS– will speak
IV. Incoming and outgoing treasurer of MOS V. Scientific committee chairman
VI. Chief Guest, who will be decided by the organizing committee,– will speak.
VII. Guest of Honor will speak.
VIII. Inaugurator will speak
IX. President and secretary of OC- President will speak and any other person approved by OC or MOS

d) Ote of thanks will be given by secretary organizing committee.

e) After the inauguration declared the President MOS will hand over the charge-monument garland- to incoming president and will change their places and the incoming president will be called as president and the president will be called as immediate past president

f) All expense of inaugural function will be burned by OC.

D] General Body Meeting :

a) The GB will be conducted by the new president with the help of immediate past president. By law No 7

b) Following dignitaries will be on the dais

I. President – will address the GB
II. immediate past president
III. Secretary
IV. immediate past secretary
V. Treasurer
VI. Immediate past treasurer
VII. Chairman Scientific Committee

c) the minutes are written by new secretary

d) Reports of scientific committee, ethics committee, chief editor journal, secretary And treasurer are read in the meeting. The treasurer will submit the audited report up to 31 st March and audited balance sheet from 1 st April up to 15 days prior to GBs The budget is produced by new treasurer.

e) The resolution and by-laws which are recommended by managing committee to be moved at the General body by immediate past secretary and kept for discussion and sanction.

f ) The result of election are declared in General body and vacant posts are filled by the proposal from the floor by majority

g ) Resolutions are passed by GB by simple majority and are effective from the date of passing to next GB in which it can be renewed

E ) At the end of the conference valedictory function will be conducted by office bearers and members

By law No 7

Protocol for arranging CME/workshop/ Scientific Programme:

I. Date should be finalized after consultation with Hon. Secretary who shall take consent from president MOS and Chairman Scientific Committee-MOS
II.Scientific Program and suggested speakers to be finalized with consent in writing from Chairman, scientific Committee and president of MOS.
III. If any inaugural function is held, President MOS to be on dais and asked to speak
IV. All office bearers of MOS And AIOS present to be recognized during the function
V. At any scientific session, President MOS if present, must preside. In this absence, Vice president, MOS shall be in the chair or any other office bearer nominated by President.
VI. All accounts should be submitted within one month of the program. A copy of the accounts should be sent to treasurer MOS. A report of academic activity to be submitted.
VII. President, MOS to be received at railway station/ airport by someone from local organizing committee and escorted to the hotel. Transport to be arranged for the President from hotel to venue of the conference.
VIII.Local Committee should arrange their own sponsors. However, MOS will assist in getting sponsors.


I. Any member of the society who is eligible for the award shall be entitled to be considered for the same. If he is a member of any committee discussing the selection of award, he will withdraw from the discussion at that time. Members and chairman of scientific committee will not take any award or prize
II. Name of the recipients of the awards will be selected and recommended by the scientific Committee to the Managing Committee. Same member should not be given same award twice for same work
III. Awards will carry a citation and memento.
IV. The awards and prizes are proposed by scientific committee to the managing committee and confirmed by the managing committee.
V. The new awards introducing, will have to apply to the scientific committee and the scientific committee will propose the details including criteria of awards to the managing committee which will finalize and will put it in GB to get sanction to the same. The awards or prizes will come into the force from the date of confirmation of minutes in the next GB.

1) Dr.V.K.Chitnis Oration Award : Eligibility : Any life member of MOS who has done exemplary work in Clinical/ Scientific aspects of Ophthalmology.

2) Dr.S.N.Cooper Oration Award : Eligibility : Non Ophthalmologist/ physician, Medical specialist or research scientist who has worked on Ophthalmic aspects in his specialty.

3) Dr. S.D. Athavale Award : Eligibility :Any life member of MOS who has done extensive work in “Community Ophthalmology.”

4) F.D.C.Award : Eligibility :Any life member of MOS who has clinical or basic research in ocular therapeutics.

5) BellPharma Award : Eligibility: age below 45 years. A member of MOS who has doe excellent work in surgical aspects of Ophthalmology except cataract.


1) Nomination to be invited from the life members of MOS for each of these awards.

2) A short summary of the CV and a 50 line abstract of the presenting paper of Nominee be sent. The Nominee must present the paper in person. In very unavoidable circumstances, co-author of the paper/ another member nominated by his presenter may be allowed to read the paper with permission of the president of MOS.

Category I : Member presenting the free papers.
Best paper No. 1 : Presented by BOA
Best paper No. 2 : Presented by Pune Ophthalmic Association.

Category II : Member of MOS under the age of 40 years, presenting best paper in free paper session known as Dr. Y.K.C. Pandit prize.

Category III : By—Bll Pharma– Allotted to free paper session by postgraduate in ophthalmology who is life member of MOS .

BEST PAPER 1ST and 2nd PRIZE : A)Postgraduate must present paper in person. If coauthor reads the paper, it will not be considered for prize.

B)Postgraduate must submit a certificate by his teacher along with his paper.


By —Jalgaon Ophthalmic Association.


By– Sangli Ophthalmic Association.


There will be a separate video session during the conference. A written abstract of this presentation mentioning the time limit be sent to the Chairman Scientific Committee MOS.

New awards are added in this section as and when required by General Body on recommendation of Scientific Committee and proposed by Managing Committee for approval by General Body.