The Society shall be called “MAHARASHTRA OPHTHALMOLOGICAL SOCIETY”. The term “Society” hereafter used in the constitution shall imply in “Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society”.

The office of the society will be located at a place or address of the Hon. Secretary. The registered office shall be located at Sangli.

The society shall be governed by this constitution and its bye-laws.

The objects of the society shall be the cultivation and promotion of the study of Ophthalmic sciences, research and manpower development with a view to render service to the community and practice of the science of Ophthalmology and to promote social contact and mutual regard and respect amongst Ophthalmologists.

1. Promoting clinical, experimental, community and operational research in Ophthalmology.
2. Promotion teaching, training and continuing education in ophthalmology. Establishing and maintaining reference libraries and furnishing them with books, reviews, magazines, publication of journal, audio and video tapes, CDs’ etc relating to Ophthalmology and allied subjects.
3. Raising finances through subscriptions, contributions, donations from members and non-members and creating special funds to run the activities of the society.
4. Co-operation and co-ordination with other medical and scientific society and associations
5. Ensuring ethical practice and professional conduct of its members as laid down by the society from time to time.
6. Making bye-laws, rules and regulations and to delete, add, amend or alter the same as and when necessary
7. Instituting awards, orations, prizes, fellowships, studentships and research grants.
8. Affiliation of the Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society to All India Ophthalmological Society and other National Ophthalmic societies. To encourage formation and affiliation of district and regional ophthalmological societies.
9. Undertake health education to prevent visual impairment and control blindness and promote eye donation and related activities
10. Promoting all such activities and doing all such other things as may be incidental to or conductive to the attainment of the aims and objective of the society and to make the society strong and to control and protect their members on ethical grounds.
11. To organizing conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops, refreshers course, etc for promotion and mutual exchange of knowledge.
12. Organizing exhibitions of machinery, equipments and instruments, tools, appliances etc. pertaining to ophthalmology with a view to encourage, and improve manufacturing and to promote and advise quality control of manufacturing the instruments and equipment and to make knowledge available to ophthalmologists of the same.
13. Advising on legislation affecting ophthalmic practice and science of ophthalmology
14. Maintaining liaison with the State Government and various appropriate bodies regarding matters concerning teaching and practice of Ophthalmology
15. Acquiring and disposing movable and immovable property and assets by purchasing, constructing, altering, maintaining, renting, selling or mortgaging properties that may be necessary for the aforesaid objectives.

The membership of the society shall consist of :

a) Medical person holding allopathic ophthalmic qualification after basic MBBS degree and working, practicing or living in Maharashta, interested in the science and art of ophthalmology shall be eligible for membership.
delete “and working,practising..till art of ophthalmology. If he/she is not a registered voter in Maharashtra, he/she may not contest any election in the MOS
b) By subscribing life membership fees prevalent at the time he can become life member of the society after ratification of membership in the general body. The general body has every right to refuse the membership for reasonable cause, which will be communicated, to the person. after ratification of membership by the managing committee and then by the general body during its annual general meeting. The managing committee and / or the general body has every right..
c) After ratification, the life members get the right of voting, contesting for office bearer’s post or getting appointed on any committee as per the eligibility criteria of the post.
d) A life member who shifts from Maharashtra and ceases as a voter of Maharashtra assembly he has no more right to contest or to remain as office bearer. d) A life member who shifts from Maharashtra and ceases to be a voter of Maharashtra assembly has no right to contest or to remain as office bearer.

Any person who has rendered outstanding service to Ophthalmology in particular, shall be eligible to this membership provided his name is unanimously recommended by the Managing Committee and passed by 2/3rd members present at the general body meeting, he shall be entitled to participate in all activities of the society but shall not be entitled to vote at the meeting of the society or hold position of office bearers. Tenure will be for one
year and can be renewed by General Body.

a) Medical practitioner and allopathic postgraduate students of Ophthalmology can become associate member of MOS. They are entitled to privileges of life membership except voting rights and will not be eligible for holding post of office bearer. They shall have to pay membership charges equivalent to life membership charges. Postgraduate students can become life members once they acquire postgraduate allopathic ophthalmic qualification and provide necessary documents and application without paying any extra fees. will not be eligible for holding any post delete of office bearer
b) Ophthalmologist who is practicing, working, living outside Maharashtra State can apply for Associate membership of MOS. They will not be eligible for any office of the society and will not have voting rights. delete this clause.. most state societies give full membership rights to members from outside their state, like DOS
c) Spouses of all above three classes of members on payment of life membership fees prevalent at the time


1. All life members of the society shall be entitled as a right to participate in all the activities of the society, including the right to vote and to hold the post of office bearer. Except as specified in
2. New Members : The application for membership duly proposed and seconded by the life members of the society will be duly scrutinized, recommended by the Managing Committee and ratified by the general body for admission to the society.
3. Any new member whose application is under consideration is entitled to attend and take part in the deliberations of the conference of the society, if it is held prior to his membership being approved by the General Body , but will not have the right to vote till his membership is duly ratified by the society.
4. All associate members shall be entitled to participate in the scientific and social activities of the society. They shall not be entitled to attend or vote at the General Body meeting or hold any office or committee.
5. Honorary members shall be entitled to participate in all the activities of the society, but shall not be entitled to vote at a meeting of the society, or hold position of office.


Membership of the society will be cease :
1. By voluntary resignation or on expiry. delete be before cease By voluntary resignation or death
2. If the Managing Committee decides by 2/3rd majority to delete the name of the member from the membership of MOS for any unprofessional behaviour or conduct of the said member subject and approval by the general body at its next meeting by 2/3rd majority of the members present.
3. Readmission to the membership of MOS can be considered after thorough scrutiny and recommendation by Managing Committee and approval by General Body by a 2/3rd majority. The readmitted member will be treated as a new admission after payment of life membership fees prevalent at the time and after ratification by the General Body
4. Membership shall cease if any member’s resignation is cancelled by the Medical Council of India or Maharashtra Medical Council.


The affairs of the society shall be managed by the Managing Committee elected by the General Body.

1. Composition : It shall consist of office bearers and members:

a. President
b. Vice – President 1st
c. Vice – President 2nd
d. Hon. Secretary
e. Hon. Joint Secretary
f. Hon. Treasurer
g. Hon. Joint Treasurer
h. Ten Zonal Members (2 from each zone)
i. Chief Editor of Journal (JOMOS)
j. Chairman Scientific Committee

There shall be 5 zones
i) Central Zone : With Revenue Districts of Mumbai and Thane
ii) Western Zone : With Revenue Districts of Satara, Pune, Solapur, Sangli, Kolhapur, Ratanagiri and Sindhudurg
iii) Marathawada Zone : With revenue districts of Aurangabad, Beed, Osmanabad, Jalna, Parbhani, Latur, Nanded and Hingoli.
iv) Vidarbha Zone : With revenue districts of Buldhana, Akola, Amravati, Wardha, Yavatmal, Nagpur, Bhandara, Chandrapur and Gadchiroli.
v) North Zone : With revenue districts of Nashik, Ahmednagar, Jalgaon, Dhule and Nandurbar.

* If new districts are formed they will go under respective zones.
i) Ex-Officio – Immediate Past President and Secretary.
j) Advisory Board: Not more than 3 past presidents can be nominated by the president on the advisory board. This is exclusive power of the president only. The tenure is one year. Will they be full voting members of the MC?
k) There will be a member from the Sangli where there is Registered office of the society. He will be nominated by President for one year. delete ‘the’ before Sangli
l) Organizing Secretary of the last and next conference will be coopted member of the managing committee members, instead of member
m) President has a power to co-opt upto two more members in the managing committee as co-opted members’ tenure is one year. Full stop after committee. Delete next word “as”. Co-opted with capital C
n) President has power to invite necessary persons as invitees for a particular managing committee and they will be invitees only for that particular meeting only. President has the power to invite any member as invitee to discuss one or more points in the agenda for a particular MC meeting
i) The member in clause No n, o, p will not have voting rights in the managing committee nor they will get eligibility as having experience of managing committee member for contesting criteria of eligibility as office bearer.
ii) Members in close No. n & o will be counted for quorum.
iii) If a vacancy becomes in the managing committee then the vacancy will be filled by the managing committee by a majority. If the vacancy becomes of President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer then the immediate below post will be given additional charge of the vacant post and he will continue next year his tenure period of his post. Vacancy “occurs” If a vacancy occurs of President, vice president, secretary or treasurer, then the 1st vice president, 2nd vice president, Jt. Sec or Jt treasurer will be elevated to that post respectively till the end of the tenure. In the next year they will continue in the same post as they would normally have done.

All the managing committee posts and office bearer posts will be for one year, except Chairman Scientific Committee and Chief Editor JOMOS will be for 2 years.
On completion of tenure :
I) First Vice-President automatically will become President
II) Second Vice-President automatically will become 1st Vice President.
III) Hon. Joint Secretary automatically will become Secretary.
IV) Hon. Joint Treasurer automatically will become Treasurer.

a) Managing Committee shall act on behalf of the General body for running the affairs of the society under its constitution and ByeLaws
b) It shall review the recommendations of the Scientific Committee. Ethics Committee. Journal Committee and other sub committees established from time to time under managing committee. It will review reports of first and second VicePresidents, Secreatary and Treasurer and other committee heads. Secretary
c) It shall carry out the policies and mandate of the society and shall be responsible to it.
d) It shall have power to invest and deal with the money of the society with prior approval of the General Body.
e) Such money and properties of the society as are not utilized for the object of the society may be invested in such a manner in such way as the Managing Committee may at their discretion, think proper and the Managing Committee may change the investments in order to better fulfill the objects of the society.
f) The Managing Committee shall have power to purchase, construct, acquire on lease, rent or in exchange or on hire, by gift or otherwise, any real property and any rights or privilege necessary or convenient for the purpose of the society and to improve, develop, manage, sell, mortgage, dispose off, turn to account or otherwise deal with all or any part of the property of the society, not vested in the trust, with sanction of the general body with 2/3rd majority of members present.
g) The Managing committee may constitute as many sub committees as it deems fit for furtherance of the objects of the society. These committees may lay down their own procedures of working.
h) Decisions, resolutions and recommendations of the Managing Committee shall be subject to approval of the General Body
i) To pass the necessary expenditure to meet the day to day requirement of the society.
j) To take decisions on applications for new members
k) To enter into the agreement for and on behalf of society and to take all such other legal steps which may appear beneficial for the smooth and better management of the society. any agreement


a) The Members of the Managing Committee shall meet as often as required with a minimum of 3 meetings in a year. Ten members or 1/4th of the total number of members whichever is less shall form a Quorum. If there is no quorum, the meeting shall adjourn for at  least 15 minutes and shall meet on the same day at the same venue. The adjourned meeting will not require any quorum and agenda will be the same.
b) The Hon. Secretary shall circulate the agenda for the meeting at least one month before the date of the meeting, mentioning the date, time and venue of the meeting. 15 days
c) The President shall preside at the meeting of the Managing Committee. In his absence, the 1st Vice President shall officiate for him and in the absence of both, IInd Vice President if all three are absent the meeting may elect its own Chairman and for the purpose of the meeting, he shall exercise all the powers of the President
d) The President or Chairman, in the event of a tie will have a casting vote.
e) The voting may be by show of hands or by Ballot whichever is considered desirable by the President.
f) All the resolutions passed by the managing committee will be maintained in a separate register meeting wise and those resolutions, which are recommended by managing committee to be kept before general body, are marked accordingly and are kept before general body. shall be marked accordingly


a) The Scientific Committee will be nominated by Managing Committee once every 2 years and shall consist of :
i) Chairman
ii) 5 Members : one from each zone.
iii) Ex-officio members (entitled to vote)
iv) The President, the 1st Vice-President, the IInd Vice President and Hon.Secretary.
v) Representative of local Organizing Committee who is conducting the annual conference for that year.
vi) Chief Editor JOMOS

i) Should have been a member of the Scientific Committee for at least one term.
ii) Should have attended at least 5 MOS conferences and have had presentations in at least 3 Annual conferences.
iii) Should have been a member of MOS for at least 7 years. iii)
Should have been a life member of MOS for at least 7 years.

a) It shall assist the society in formulating the scientific programme for the whole year and the Annual conference.
b) It shall recommend to the Managing Committee the names for the award of various medals, prizes, orations and guest speakers.
c) It will recommend the subject and name of the convener for the annual symposium
d) It will undertake all tasks related to scientific programs and all other similar tasks assigned to it by the society from time to time including recommendations, criteria and feasibility of the new awards and will be kept to in managing committee for discussion and approval.
e) The chairman of the scientific committee will also act as its convener.
f) The deliberations of Scientific Committee will be forwarded to Managing Committee for its approval.


Chief Editor of the Journal .
President, Secretary and Treasurer.
Ex-officio Member – Chairman, Scientific Committee.
Editorial Board members not exceeding 5

2. The eligibility criteria will be same for the Chief Editor Journal as the Chairman, Scientific Committee

I) Chief Editor of Journal of MOS will be a member of Scientific Committee and he will work under Scientific Committee. He will be nominated by the President and the Managing Committee. His tenure is for two years.
II) He will appoint editorial board members with the consultation the Scientific Committee and will recommend it to Managing Committee for sanction. Scientific Committee Chairman will be exofficio for editorial board.
III) The JOMOS will have a separate account in the name of JOMOS at a nationalized bank and will be operated by the joint signature of the Chief Editor and 1st Vice President or any member of the editorial board as recommended by the Managing Committee. Separate account will be maintained by the Chief Editor which will submit it to Managing Committee to get audited by the treasurer.
C) The managing committee can relax criteria for appointment of Chairman Scientific Committee and Chief Editor Journal of JOMOS for that particular year, if suitable eligible candidate is not available.


The Society shall elect the following office bearers.

1. The IInd Vice President shall be elected by the General Body at each conference. He will hold office upto the next conference and then will become the 1st Vice President for the following year.
2. The 1st Vice President shall automatically become the President the following year.
3. If a vacancy becomes of the post of President, Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer then the immediate below will be given additional charge of the vacant post and will have all the powers of that post and he will continue next year his tenure period of his post for example, if vacancy becomes of secretary the Joint Secretary is given additional charge of Secretary and will hold the charge of both posts till completion of the said year and then he will continue as secretary as his original tenure of one year. See correction above
4. The Joint Secretary Joint Treasurer of the Committee will be elected at the meeting of the General body for a period of one year at the next annual conference. The Joint Secretary and Joint Treasurer will become Hon.Secretary and Hon.Treasurer respectively.
5. Other members for the managing committee will be elected from the respective zones every year.
6. Office bearers will cease to hold office:
a) When the period of their term is over.
b) By a resolution of the General Body decided by 2/3rd majority of
the members present that such office bearer or bearers be removed
from office, for good and sufficient reason.
7. The election will be by secret Ballot as per the conditions and procedures laid down in the bye-laws.
8. If there is no application for any of the post, it can be invited from members present at annual general body meeting.
9. a) The managing committee will appoint an election commission of three election officers who are past presidents of the society their written acceptance is taken by the Managing Committee, one of them one will be the Chief Election officer and Returning Officer.
b) They will conduct the elections and will give their results to managing committee in a sealed packet.
c) Their decision will be final decision and is obligatory to managing committee, the general body and society and is irrevocable.
d) The election body will be for said particular election only.
e) The election body may take persons for their help in carrying p