From the President’s Desk

Dear friends,

Allow me to warmly thank the organisers of MOSCON 2018 conference,forgiving me the privilege of welcoming and addressing you all. For me it is an honour and a pleasure bcoz it is not just a 38th Annual Conference Of MOS but a year that I was looking forward to as President.

I need your ideas, your feedback so that we can work out creative solutions to the various issues we need to address. I shall try my level best to work in the society upholding the constitution and the bylaws of our organization and fulfilling its philosophy at all times!

Your active participation is a must to making the association develop in the right and progressive direction.

Dear friends, Executive meetings are a forum in which the elected executive sit and discuss all issues in detail. While regular members do not attend the executive meeting , but if any of you do wish to get a feel of how the executive works or have any thoughts, suggestions, or concerns….please write/ call me or hon. Secretary and we will take up all matters in the agenda for discussion and possibly even make an attempt to invite u to the executive meeting.

I will strive hard in maintaining the reputation our association enjoys due to the hard work and dedication of our respected Predecessors /Past Presidents/ Senior Ophthalmologists. If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

I have a vision for our organization and goals have been planned to achieve it! Let us all come together to mark a beginning of a new chapter in the glorious history of the Ophthalmic Society.

We have decided to contribute Rs 10000/- to all districts for organising CME under MOS banner and promoting local talents to deliver lectures and perform Live surgeries thereby boosting their morale and allowing them to aim for national and International platform.

My compliments to the outgoing President Dr Bawankule & his team for a commendable fruitful year!

My THEME for this year is “Target 2020 – Vision 20:20” and all our CMEs will focus in achieving it.

We intend to make this BIGGEST Ophthalmological society as the BEST OPHTHALMOLOGICAL SOCIETY in the country.

Jai Hind
Jai Maharashtra