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CMEs /​ Programs​ ​Under MOS During 2016 - 2017 :

MOSCON 2016, Vashi, Navi Mumbai
on 14th - 16th October, 2016


VOSCON-2016, Nagpur
on 21st - 23rd October, 2016 at Surabardi Meadows, Nagpur

3. VAST CME, Satara
on 12th November, 2016 at Satara
4. Oculoplasty CME, Kolhapur
on 13th November, 2016 at Kolhapur
5. Cornea CME, Sangli
on 13th November, 2016 at Sangli
6. Diabetes Program on TV By Dr. T.P.Lahane & Dr. Prakash Marathe
on 15th November, 2016
7. Baramati Meeting
on 18th November, 2016 at Baramati, Pune
8. Paed Ophthalm CME at Navale Medical College, Pune
on 20th November, 2016 at Pune
9. Retina CME, Beed
on 20th November, 2016 at Beed
10. ARC AIOS, Teachers​' Training Program by MOS at AFMC, Pune
on​ 10​th​ December ​2016
11. POSCON 2016​,​ ​POS Annual Conference with MOS at Hotel Grand Sheraton (Le Meridien) Pune
on ​16​th​-18​th​ Dec 2016
12. TV ​Zee 24 Taas, ​program​ on ROP by Dr Bawankule and Dr ​Saswade
​on ​20 Dec​ 2016​
13. Pediatric Ophthalm CME, Nashik
on 8th Jan 2017
14. TV ​Zee 24 Taas, ​program​ on ​Glaucoma by Dr ​Dharmendra and Dr ​Mandar
on ​​1​0​th​ ​Jan 201​7
15. Oculus CME, Pusad (Yawatmal)
on 15th Jan 2017
16. Eye Donation Social Program at Ahmednagar
On 15th Jan 2017

​​Pediatric Ophthalm CME, Thane
on 22nd January 2017

18. Glaucoma CME, HV Desai Hospital, Pune
on 22nd January 2017
19. TV ​Zee 24 Taas, ​program​ on ​​Eye Injuries by Dr ​​Parekh and Dr ​​Taswala
on ​​​31st​ ​Jan 201​7
20. CME at Ratnagiri Konkan Region
On 4th Feb 2017
21. MOS Hands on training at NIO, Pune
On 12th Feb 2017
22. Glaucoma CME, ​Datta Meghe Institute, Wardha Ophthalm Society
On 25th Feb 2017
23. CME, Chandrapur Ophthalmic Society
On 26th Feb 2017
24. CME, Akola Ophthalmic Society
On 26th Feb 2017
25. CME​ on ROP​, Buldhana Ophthalmic Society
On 4th March 2017
26. CME​ on Diabetes and Eye​, Aurangabad Ophthalmic Society
On 5th March 2017
27. CME​ on Practice management​, Jalna Ophthalmic Society
On 5th March 2017
28. Eye Donation Social Program at Nandurbar
On 11th March 2017
29. CME at Dhule
On 11th March 2017
30. Glaucoma walk, CME and Social Program at Jalgaon
On 12th March 2017
31. TV ​Zee 24 Taas, ​program​ on Cataract & IOL by Dr. Arora & Dr. More
On 16th March 2017
32. Pediatric Ophthalm Conf at HV Desai Hospital Pune
On 18-19 March 2017
33. VOS Midyear at Akola
On 26th March 2017
34. TV ​Zee 24 Taas, ​program​ on Refractive Surgery by Dr. Pradhan & Dr. Sarwate
On 29th March 2017
35. CTV ​Zee 24 Taas, ​program​ on ​Cornea and Eye Donation by Dr ​Dolas and Dr ​Rewanwar
On  1st April 2017
36. MOS ​Hands on training at Nashik
On 9th April 2017
37. Contact Lens Program at Mumbai
On  15-16 April 2017
38. MOS BOA  ​Hands on training at GMC Gymkhana, Mumbai
On  16th April 2017
39. CME at Jalgaon
On  22nd April 2017
40. CME at Solapur
On  30th April 2017
41. TV ​Zee 24 Taas, ​program​ on ​Paediatric Blindness by Dr Anil Kulkarni and Dr ​Chinchole
On  ​​​3rd ​May 201​7
42. NIO Conference at Pune
On 6-7 May 2017​
43. CME & Eye Check up at Latur
On 14th May 2017
44. TV ​Zee 24 Taas, ​program​ on ​​Retinal detachment by Dr ​Suhas Sonawane and Dr ​​Aditya Kelkar
On ​31st May 2017
45. CME on Ped Ophthalm at Ruby Hall, Pune
On ​18th June 2017
46. TV ​Zee 24 Taas, ​program​ on ​​SICS & Community Ophthalmology by Dr ​Boramani and Dr ​​Shirish Thorat
On 27th June 201​7
47. TV ​Zee 24 Taas, ​program​ on ​​Rural Ophthalmology by Dr ​Swati Zawar and Dr ​​Atul Kadhane
On 29th June 201​7
48. CME at DMH, Pune
On 2nd July 2017
49. Scandinavia Overseas Tour
On 9th July to 19th July 2017
50. CME ​on Retina ​at ​Navale H​ospital,​ Pune
On 16th July 2017
51. CME ​on Glaucoma ​at ​ Pune
On 30th July 2017
52. CME Live Refractive Cataract Surgery at Nawale Hospital, Pune
On 6th August 2017
53. BOA Conference at Mumbai
On 11-13 ​August 2017
54. CME ​at ​Nanded
On 19th ​August 2017
55. Hands on Workshop at Walimbe Clinic, Pune
On 27th ​August 2017
56. CME ​on Cornea at ​Pune
On 3rd September 2017
57. Social Awareness Walk , All Districts Across Maharashtra State
On 3rd Sept 2017
58. CME on Medicolegal Issues and Ophthalmology at IMA, Pune
On 10th Sept 2017
59. CME on Glaucoma at Jalna
On 1st Oct 2017
60. VOSCON, Amaravati
On 6-8 Oct 2017
61. MOSCON 2017, Pune
On 13-15 Oct 2017
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