Membership Update

MOS Membership Database Updation Drive

1. Why do we need it?

Meticulous and complete database updation is important for all members of Society. Updated database is required for voting rights (online/offline), communications from secretary about MOS events, applying for scientific participations of MOS, applying for MOS awards, getting JCOR posted, getting journal articles on demand, applying for MOS observerships amongst others. Over years there are some members, who have become members but not been included in the database. This is their opportunity to get themselves registered correctly as a member of MOS. This massive membership updation drive is being executed for 1st time in MOS.

2. How much time will it take

2 to 5 minutes only

3. How to do it?

All registered MOS members have been sent sms (from QP-TXTAPI) and email (from secretary Dr Vardhaman Kankaria – pls also check spam folder) with the link for updation.  Multiple emails and SMS has been sent to the contacts available. Just click on unique member specific link – generate OTP – Fill the data correctly – Submit.

Alternately, click on the link given @ the end of this page to browse through the list of members, (segmented district wise). This section shows the list of members who have updated their profile and not updated their profile separately

4. If your email id and mobile number is not available or outdated in the database.

You will not receive any communication to update the profile. Please write to to get your email id and mobile number updated. You will receive a unique link to proceed further.

5. If you don't know your membership number or are facing any issue in the process

Send email to MOS secretary Dr Vardhaman Kankaria on with cc to or call helpline – Mr Sai technical person – +919843846776. This is also a drive to include some of our members over years who inspite of being members have not been included in the MOS database. In that case, get in touch with Dr Vardhaman with evidence of membership such as receipt etc. We will try to help you.

6. What is the deadline

All MOS members are suppose to update their profile by 21st September

Dr Sunaina Malik (President)
Dr Vardhaman Kankariya (Secretary MOS)