Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society

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Dr. Parikshit Gogate  

Dr. Parikshit Gogate
President, MOS

Dear Friends,

At the outset I would like to thank you all for having elected me as the President of our prestigious society. Thanks to your good wishes, the blessing of my Gurus, my parents (a forester & a nutritionist) and the support from my family, I stand before you. The huge mandate you gave in Aurangabad was gratifying, but it also made me nervous- whether I would be able to live up to it.

Prof. Sunaina Malik and her team of Dr. Vardhaman Kankariya, Dr. Santosh Bhide and Dr. Preetam Samant have set a high bar for us. Corona has created difficult times for all of us, personally and professionally. Ophthalmologists in private practice, medical college and NGOs have all have been affected; even retired ones. Our active elders have been placed under house arrest! Our residents find there are no surgeries for them to learn and those who have recently set up practice stare into empty waiting halls. And this may continue for many more months. I hope I am not the first, and the last, President to have his installation virtually and delivering this talk wearing a mask!

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Dr. Shirish Thorat
Secretary, MOS
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Dr Pankaj Vitthal Shah
Hon Treasurer, MOS
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