Know Your President

Dear Friends,

At the outset I would like to thank you all for having elected me as the President of our prestigious society. Thanks to your good wishes, the blessing of my Gurus, my parents (a forester & a nutritionist) and the support from my family, I stand before you. The huge mandate you gave in Aurangabad was gratifying, but it also made me nervous- whether I would be able to live up to it.

Prof. Sunaina Malik and her team of Dr. Vardhaman Kankariya, Dr. Santosh Bhide and Dr. Preetam Samant have set a high bar for us. Corona has created difficult times for all of us, personally and professionally. Ophthalmologists in private practice, medical college and NGOs have all have been affected; even retired ones. Our active elders have been placed under house arrest! Our residents find there are no surgeries for them to learn and those who have recently set up practice stare into empty waiting halls. And this may continue for many more months. I hope I am not the first, and the last, President to have his installation virtually and delivering this talk wearing a mask!

This year we are lucky to have Prof. Ragini Parikh as a chairperson scientific committee. She is the professor and head of ophthalmology of and one of the oldest medical college in this part of the world. And Prof. T.P Lahane, our past president, is the director of medical education and research for Maharashtra state. We hope to use their blessing to have cataract surgery simulator training in all the residency training programme in Maharashtra.

When we learnt cataract surgery, my teacher Prof. A.N Kulkarni would always ask us to think of the cornea and the post capsule. Today’s teachers have to deal with patients’ increased expectations and potential litigation. Studies have shown that residents are performing less surgeries and learning few soft skills. In 2019 with Dr. Gopal and Dr Pangarkar, we had planned a workshop with Maharashtra University of Health Sciences about how setting norms for residents learning of soft skills should during residency, the first for any medical specialty in Maharashtra. With Prof Lahane’s blessings and guidance we shall implement it this year.

We shall reach to all district societies and have small meeting with them. Dr. Marathe and Bawankule had visited most districts in their tenure. Each meeting with the district society shall have local, state and virtually one national faculty Prof. Malik has started the indemnity insurance scheme. Our team shall whole heartedly implement it. The present MOS election has showed how much the members are involved. We shall continue it and as asked by many shall make all posts elected.

Our members face problems with trade and equipment companies. we plan to have a MOS grievance cells with Dr Milind Killdeer as Chairperson ably helped by Dr. Ladi & Dr. Bawankule. This year Dr. B.K. Nayak our past President and Editor JCOR shall be installed as the President of All India Ophthalmology Society. He has made enormous contribution to our society’s journal, JCOR and we shall support the journal in every way.

I must also acknowledge Prof Col. Madan Deshpande who introduced me to MOS in his Presidential tenure, Dr. Udayan Dixit who took me in the scientific committee and two past presidents with whom I closely worked, who are no more with us, Dr. Jayant Laulkar
and Dr Salil Gadakari. And my parent district society, Pune Ophthalmology Society, Dr. Shrikant Kelkar and Dr. Madhusudan Jhamwar. I am lucky to have my close friend and senior, Dr. Shirish Thorat as Secretary and Dr. Pankaj Shah as treasurer.

Youngster are our strength and future. The comprehensive ophthalmologists who practice in taluka and district places are the backbone of MOS. The MOS shall stand solidly behind them.
This is a virtual meeting and there is no banquet, so I have to go home for dinner. Many thanks to my wife, Dr. Bageshri who allowed me to do these various activities, and in her wisdom and common-sense adviced me numerous times.

Yours sincerely,

Parikshit Gogate